About The Company

Founded in 2019 as a Startup Weekend Calgary project, HubTrotter Logistics is a rapidly growing logistics firm based in Canada that specializes in end-to-end logistics for small packaged goods in high-growth markets.

Through our centralized product distribution networks, our mission is to increase product value and ROI by reducing product fulfilment lead times over traditional supply chain methods.

We are able to increase logistics efficiencies by coordinating the transportation of any size shipment of goods through our centralized infrastructure, lean processes, and digital systems. Our capabilities include coordinating the supply and transportation of fragile, high-volume, and non-perishable items to destinations around the world for our defence and civilian market clients. Our fulfilment services also include packaging customized kits with varying SKUs for specific projects, teams, or individual receivers. These kits may include standardized military artifacts or specialized materials required for the aerospace and defence industries.

Unlike many of our competitors that operate in large North American based warehousing facilities that drive up costs and operational overhead, we deliver products to their final destinations in a lean and timely manner. We are uniquely positioned to not only deliver goods faster but are strategically positioned to service both urban and remote areas while providing a high level of transparency and accountability throughout the entire journey of your product delivery.

Meet Some of Our Clients

Meet the Team

Bruno Steppuhn

CEO, Co-founder

Mr. Steppuhn is a highly driven entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in marketing, digital technology platforms, software, video games, and media products.

Throughout his career he has led small to medium sized teams to develop products for his clients. These developments included the development of connected technology based platforms, workflow optimization, process development to create efficiencies for general business operations, leveraging financial opportunities to enable growth and increase ROI, and increasing overall company profitability.

Since early 2009, Bruno has raised multiple seed capital rounds grossing over $1M for a number of startups and small business ventures. Bruno maintains principal ownership of SteppMedia Inc, founded in 2017, an ideation and marketing company that specializes in small business and startups.

Nicholas Fong

COO, Co-founder

Mr. Fong started his logistics career sourcing supplies for his Edmonton based plumbing company. Nicholas also found great start in board games and logistics as a designer and publisher. Nicholas has successfully crowdfunded two board game titles and coordinated the fulfillment of each project.

Nicholas also founded the Alberta based game designer and publisher focused convention, EPOC (The Edmonton Protocon) in 2018. EPOC brings together game designers and publishers from all over Western Canada for 3 days of testing, critique, and feedback to help game designers and publishers better prepare their products for market viability.

As a published game designer, Nicholas focuses on opportunities within the fast-growing board games market by working with new publishers and suppliers to create a more efficient and effective supply chain as a key aspect of their go-to-market strategy.